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What is the team sponsorship contest all about?

$1000 cash sponsorship
50% off coupons to NeuroBounce for all athletes on the winning team
Ongoing vertical measurement and jump coaching for participants
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What is NeuroBounce?

12 hours of personalize jump coaching, consisting of:
4 combined EMG and workout sessions 1-on-1 with a personal trainer (1 hour 40 min) - 1 per week
4 workout sessions in small 1-3 athlete groups (1 hour sessions) - 1 per week
A total of 12 hours with a personal jump coach, customizing the course for your sport, skill level, and knowledge.
Ongoing workout program to do on your own at completion of 4 week program
Monthly follow up visits to measure and discuss workouts
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What are people saying about NeuroBounce?

"My son, Houston Johnsen, who is a senior at Crimson Cliffs High School started doing the NeuroBounce jumping program in September 2022. Since then he has increased his vertical jump by 5-6 inches. He's more explosive in his jumping which has translated on the court and made him a better rebounder, a better finisher, and overall just a better dunker! The program definitely helped him out. I was skeptical about it at first because I've never heard of anything like this. After seeing his results I would absolutely tell people to put their kids into this program."  -- Britton Johnsen (former NBA player)
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M - F: 3:00PM - 9:00PM
SAT: By Appointment

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