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“Steve Bennett first told me about the program and how it all works and I was really excited to learn more. I’ve heard a lot and have been asked to do speed and explosive programs all the time but this was different because you train your mind. That is what caught my interest in this particular program. On the first day I went I felt very welcomed by the staff. I got to know them and they were very welcoming. I wanted to do this program because I needed to be quicker and faster on the football field. During the whole process I was able to increase my vertical by 3.5 inches!! That translated to me being a lot quicker and faster in my movements and helped me be more successful. I loved this program because I got very good training because I was only with a few kids and we were able to get coached up really good. I loved the gain in my skills throughout the 4 weeks I trained with them.”

M - F: 3:00PM - 9:00PM
SAT: By Appointment

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