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About the Program

We've worked with thousands of athletes over the years, and have found that except in very rare cases, or cases where an athlete is using a neuroinhibitor drug, we can help them jump higher, faster, and with more explosiveness. With graduates of our program jumping anywhere from 2-8 inches higher, we're very comfortable guaranteeing a 2 inch improvement.

Yes, you can do the program more than once. But it would be more cost effective to do the workouts with NeuroBounce, then continue to do the workouts on your own, for six months or more before returning. That gives your body and your brain the time it needs to adjust to maximizing the muscle fibers that are recruited in the program. Most participants gain more vertical over the six months following the initial four week program.

The program is 12 hours of personalized one on one training with a jump coach. 8 workouts are included in the initial program, 4 that are done immediately after the EMG sessions, and 4 that are done at least 48 hours later. We encourage people to come to one EMG/workout and one regular workout each week for 4 weeks.

Short of visiting for a month, it's currently difficult for us to accommodate people from afar. We plan to launch a licensing program in 2024 for athletic directors, physical therapists, gyms, etc. This will include extensive training on how to administrate the NeuroBounce program, including tracking systems, software and support. If you are interested in having a NeuroBounce in your area, please contact us.

Access to the newly turned on fibers is permanent. As the athlete strengthens these fibers they will begin to see the amazing results. Improved vertical leap can be maintained as long as the athlete maintains their strength and conditioning. Obviously, injuries can reduce vertical leap, but as the athlete heals and regains their previous conditioning, they will regain their vertical leap.

For 2022, we saw an average of 2.45 inches in four weeks. For 2023 through mid year, our average graduate has gained just over 3 inches in the initial four week program. Most athletes get more vertical for months after the program as they continue to strengthen the newly recruited muscle fibers and follow our workout program.

There are so many good jump improvement programs out there that work, but none that train the brain to turn on previously unused fibers of your muscle using our protocols. With more of an athlete’s muscle being used followed by our specific strengthening protocol, an athlete can get amazing, longer lasting results quickly.

Yes! An athlete can turn on more and more fibers and then strengthen thereby increasing their vertical leap dramatically. We recommend at least six months between programs for maximum results, as it allows the athlete to fully strengthen newly recruited muscle.

NeuroBounce was developed over many years of training athletes to jump higher and also helping many spinal cord and stroke patients learn to walk again and function more normally by turning on more muscle fibers and then strengthening them.

Just the normal risks from working out. Participants will feel sore like after a good workout, as they are recruiting new muscle fibers, and those will tire easily until strengthened.

Shorts that aren’t too long and baggy work best. Good work out shoes (nothing too flat), socks, and a t-shirt.

New muscle will tire easily until it is strengthened, this can result in soreness, but nothing more than a regular work out.

For about 45 minutes, once each week, for 4 weeks.

The EMG training session lasts approximately 45 minutes, but is immediately followed by a workout of roughly 45 minutes.

Workout sessions last approximately 45 minutes.

No, unfortunately we cannot accept insurance at this time, nor HSA/FSA plans.

Only credit cards are accepted at this time.

After your 8 sessions of training are complete you will be given a work out that you can continue on your own. You can make amazing improvements for up to 6-8 months by strengthening and training the newly turned on fibers acquired during your NeuroBounce training sessions. In fact, most people will make the most dramatic improvements after their basic four weeks of training is done because is takes months to maximize the newly turned on fibers.

Please let us know as soon as you know you need to reschedule. We respect your time, and hope that you’ll respect our time too. We know life is complex, and will accommodate your needs as much as possible.

Sometimes athletes are injured in their team practice or a game, while enrolled in our NeuroBounce program. In those instances, we pause their enrollment until they are fully recovered, and often restart their 4 week program, to maximize results.

How NeuroBounce Works

NeuroBounce is different from all other jump improvement programs because it uses sophisticated EMG (electromyography) to train the brain to maximize motor neuron recruitment to muscles used in jumping. This leads to large increases in explosiveness, power, and vertical jump height when followed up with our strengthening and power training. Every muscle is actually made up of thousands of individual muscle fiber which must receive signal from the brain to be activated during athletic performance. A higher percentage of fibers in a given muscle that are activated and then strengthened and trained correctly can lead directly to more power, explosiveness, and vertical leap ability. This will give an athlete an extreme competitive advantage in any sport.

No, nothing additional is required during the initial 4 week program. It's fine if you're practicing with your team, but nothing extra needs to be done outside of the EMG/workout sessions and the regular workout sessions. Let your body and brain get used to the additional muscle fibers. We'll give you a workout program to continue after initial program completion to help you maximize the gains from the program.

Four weeks is usually how long it takes to START seeing results. We guarantee athletes a two-inch increase in the short four-week program. You will continue to improve even more as you strengthen the newly “turned on muscle fibers” for months after you finish our four week program. Usually strength gains take longer, but because we are uniquely training previously unused pieces of your muscle to work, it happens more quickly.

They are like heart monitor electrodes that measure your heart beat.

Who is NeuroBounce For

NeuroBounce works for any age but we usually start after 7th and 8th grade because the program is rigorous, and having developed muscles prior to participating is best.

NeuroBounce will work for all ages, even older athletes. They just have to be healthy and have no pain. Pain interferes with the ability to increase motor neuron recruitment in muscles. Our largest increases have been with Pro-Am players in their late 20's and early 30's.

NeuroBounce helps any athlete who needs to be explosive in their sport, even if vertical leap height is not important. Vertical Leap height is the number one way colleges and pro sport combines measure power and explosiveness which is important in almost every sport.

This program helps females and males equally.

Who is NeuroBounce Not For

Yes, you cannot be taking any neuro inhibitors while participating in NeuroBounce. This is due to the nature of neuro inhibitors, as they will restrict our ability to use the EMG to measure muscle response.

No, please wait until you are healed up. Pain interferes with our ability to measure muscle response, and without this measurement, we cannot do the NeuroBounce process.

M - F: 3:00PM - 9:00PM
SAT: By Appointment

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