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Training Courses


4 combined EMG and workout sessions 1-on-1 with a personal trainer (1 hour 40 min) - 1 per week
4 workout sessions in small 1-3 athlete groups (1 hour sessions) - 1 per week
A total of 12 hours with a personal jump coach, customizing the course for your sport, skill level, and knowledge.
Ongoing workout program to do on your own at completion of 4 week program
Monthly follow up visits to measure and discuss workouts


8 workout sessions with personal trainer
Can be 1-2 per week to work with an athlete's schedule.
A total of 8 hours with a personal jump coach

guidelines to maximize your sessions

Be well rested. EMG training reads any type of fatigue and progress won’t be as good if you are really tired.
Do not work out on the day of training before you come. If you have to work out on the same day, then have at least 2 hours of rest before you come to NeuroBounce.
Bring water or a sports drink.
Be well hydrated.
Make sure you have eaten that day and have the energy needed to exercise.
Wear good athletic shoes with padding!! No flats. Wear shorts (not too long or baggy) and t-shirt.
Get a good night’s rest the night before.
Don’t get sick or run down.
Protein is helpful!


Athletes who complete 4 combined EMG and workout sessions plus the 4 individual workout sessions who do not achieve at least an increase of two inches in their vertical jump will receive a full refund. An athlete who cannot finish the four week course due to injury or other extenuating circumstances can receive a credit towards future training, or with approval can transfer their credit to another athlete.
M - F: 3:00PM - 9:00PM
SAT: By Appointment

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